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White & Private Label


White Label or Private Skincare

Start your own skincare line 

With High Quality Products

If you are looking to release your own range of skin or health care products without having to spend a lot of time or money to do so, then white-label could be your best option.

We are happy to provide you with tailored solutions and create specific formulas for your brand. Thanks to our years of experience and wide range of products, we can support your product development, advise you on formulas, and help create designs and packaging, so that you have the process from start to finish to be successful in your business.

What are White-Label Cosmetics?

White label products are products created by the manufactured then customized slightly with a different brand from the creators. This means you can customize the look and feel of the branding while the formulas are that of the original creator.

ACAP offers a large range of off-the-shelf products that are formulated specifically for natural, effective skin care solutions based on a quality ingredients including natural botanicals with emphasis on Aloe Vera.

Advantages of White-Label?

  • Improve your product line

  • Large selection of products to choose from

  • affordable - making it suitable for beauty brands on a budget

  • Avoid the development and manufacturing process cost

  • Establish your won brand

  • Add to your existing brand

  • Create your own unique story

  • Enhance your existing story

  • Offer High-Quality Products

  • Be Brand Independent

  • Elevate Your Brand Status

  • Lower Product Costs while improving product integrity

  • Control your product marketplace

  • Sourced Quickly and easily

  • Already been tried and tested

  • Products are already manufactured and can be labeled as and when you need them

What are Private Label Cosmetics?

So what’s the difference between White and Private Label cosmetics? Private label cosmetics are formulated by a manufacturer, however, the main difference being you can change the formula, so that is unique to your brand. The private labeling option is ideal if you want to build your own formulas and products specific to your brand to bring to the market.


At Aloe-ACAP we can help you with the process of creating your own unique products from start to finish. With over 20 years experience in the international manufacturing and sales of skin and health care products, we can help you get your products successful out to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Private Label

  • Launch completely unique products

  • Have experts analyze and give feedback for better success

  • Control the ingredients, color, look, feel, smell as well as branding

  • Adding new product lines can help expand your business

  • Your own products can be reformulated or updated to expand your current line

  • Service your customers through customizing your products

  • Meet global market standards

  • Increase product margins - less production cost lead to high-profit margins

Why Aloe Vera?

You might be wondering what makes our products so special? You may or may not know, but Aloe Vera has long been considered one of the most effective plants when it comes to helping people suffering from skin and health problems.

Its gentle, effective, and remarkable properties are what had us start this company in the first place. Our goals have always been to provide people with solutions for external and internal solutions to a wide variety of skin conditions, ranging from acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging, skin health, and more.

Our products not only contain Aloe Vera but also a marriage of both science and nature. We bring harmony of other natural botanicals and modern science to our products that are beneficial to all types of skin. Our global brand allows us to help people from all sorts of backgrounds and conditions, being useful and resulting in international success.

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