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Curaloe Talks - TimeforU Laser & Beauty Clinic


We had the pleasure of welcoming a special guest to our Curaloe Farm, Muriël Huijsman, the driving force behind TimeforU Laser & Beauty Clinic. Her quest for the ultimate Aloe Vera gel led her to us, in search of products with that little bit extra for her salon. This meeting offered us a unique opportunity to delve into her experiences and the reasons behind her choice of Curaloe.

"Aloe Vera is available everywhere, but I was looking for something special". She explained how important it was for her that the products she uses and sells are free from harmful chemicals and are also not tested on animals. It was her previous experience with our Aloe Vera gel that prompted her to further explore our range. "The philosophy of Curaloe perfectly matched my values.” Adding to her narrative, she highlighted another significant reason that convinced her to sell Curaloe products. “I use the Curaloe Body Gel because of the inclusion of tea tree oil which has anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, the addition of lavender oil not only enhances skin elasticity but also aids in the reduction of scar tissue”. Muriel continues,   "Particularly after laser hair removal, it is crucial to properly care for and cool the skin.” For this purpose, she utilizes the Curaloe Body Gel. “Additionally, the Aloe Vera gel alleviates symptoms such as itching, redness (Perifollicular Edema), and swelling”.

During her visit, she participated in our workshop where she made her own Aloe After Sun Spray, an experience that further strengthened her connection with the product and the brand. "Harvesting the Aloe gel and making my own spray made the cycle -from plant to product- tangible. I now know exactly what I am offering my clients."

Muriël does not only use the products after treatment, she also sells the Curaloe products in her salon. "After treatments, I offer my clients Curaloe's body gel and body scrub. It is great to see how the products contribute to their recovery and care." With plans, to also offer the products online in the future, her engagement with Curaloe has only grown.

For other entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness sector, she had some wise words: "Use high-quality products like those from Curaloe, especially after treatments like laser hair removal. They offer not only soothing and hydration but also help reduce irritations. The body scrub is recommended for use 10 to 14 days post-treatment to exfoliate the skin and remove hair from the follicles."

Her visit to our farm was an educational experience for her. “Seeing the production processes, from manual harvest to final product, reinforced my confidence in the Curaloe products. It was beautiful to see how much care goes into each product," she noted.

As we said goodbye, it was clear that her future with Curaloe is bright. She plans to expand the product line within her salon and online, a testament to her belief in the power of natural care.

Her story is a wonderful example of how a shared passion for quality and ethics can lead to a fruitful collaboration. This insight into her practical application and benefits of Curaloe products in her professional setting not only showcases her dedication to providing the best care for her clients but also reinforces the quality and efficacy of Curaloe's product line. Her enthusiasm and first-hand experiences with these products underscore the mutual benefits of our collaboration, emphasizing the importance of natural, high-quality ingredients for both healing and care in the beauty and wellness industry.

At Curaloe, we are proud to partner with professionals like her, who recognize the value of our products and proudly offer them to their clients. For more information about Muriël’s clinic, visit her website: or Instagram page @timeforu.laserclinic.

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